Monday, 14 October 2013

RW, 13th October

Leach's Petrel during another north blow. Click for a bigger picture.

Great Skua in moult. One of three at the dam end today. This one departed south-east over the dam.

Most of the upper greater coverts were missing revealing what I presume were the white bases of the secondaries.

Brent Goose family. Came from the west and departed east.

Grey Phalarope

It either rode the incoming waves or just went through them.

23 Whooper Swans (4 juveniles) flew south-east over Normanton late afternoon.

Migration in action. 

RW, 11th October

Juvenile Gannets above the  Lyndon Visitor Centre during a north-east blow.

Great Skua arriving in South-Arm 3. I saw four during the afternoon including a group of three. 

Female Merlin over lagoon 4  -  8th October

Juvenile Swallow plunge-bathing. 5th October

Back by public demand. 

Juvenile Marsh Harrier, lagoon 1

Saw it for about 90 seconds on the evening of the 18th before it flew off north.

It dropped back in on lagoon 4 during heavy rain (photos)on the 19th but only stayed for 60 seconds. It then spent the rest of the day on the south-arm 3 atoll

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Fly Agaric

Same as the emerging one above but two days later. 

Violet Ground Beetle